Chinh & Dario's Wedding

Chinh & Dario's Wedding

Where do I start? 

I booked my makeup but didn't know where to start looking when it came to hair. All I knew was I didn't want prom hair. I didn't want those tight Shirley Temple springy curls. And every website I looked at had those curls. 
I looked up hairstylists on The Knot and Wedding Wire on Long Island, focusing on reviews in which brides raved about how the hairstylist gave them exactly what they wanted. I don't know exactly why but Bridal Rush stuck out to me. They had so many 5 star reviews and not only that, but their reviews were so detailed, which helped a lot.
I gave it a shot. I called up mid August and booked a hair trial. 

Me before I walked in for the trial

When I walked in, I was in awe. The salon is so cute! I love the chandelier touch and the waiting area seating. I sat by the window while I waited for my appointment and everyone thought I was a little fairy dressed in a little white dress, because I am so tiny, haha! Everyone was super nice and friendly, which I liked a lot. I felt like Cinderella waiting for her fairy godmother to turn this pumpkin into something magical.

I had sent Jessica and Kristen inspiration pictures of what I wanted, not exactly honing in on one particular look, other than that I didn't want tight curls. I also brought my bridal hairpiece with me.

In the next 2 hours of my trial, Jessica worked her magic.

The hair is very reminiscent of Daenarys Targaryan when I think about it, but with a more modern Barbie spin.
I love how they gave me looser curls instead of the stereotypical over done Shirley Temple curls.
She put my hair into big barrel spiral curls, which I'm in love with. I think she did a really good job and whatever hair spray she used for the trial smelled really nice.
I also love these curls because usually with curls in my hair, my hair looks shorter of course since curls compress the length of your hair. With these curls, it looks romantic and flowy and mermaid-ish so it retains that long length look. And it's also a style that I'm able to pull the front of my hair forward so it'll look nice in pictures and still have some pieces casading over my back instead of having to sweep my hair to one side.  Overall, I was very happy with how my trial came out and was excited to see it all come together with my jewelry, dress and everything on the big day!

I was sold. A week later, I booked Bridal Rush officially for my wedding, not for just me but my whole bridal party as well!

Flash forward 2 months! The day has arrived!
Here I am at 9am -an ungodly hour for me since I'm a night owl- taking selfies with my bridesmaid while I wait my turn for hair and makeup.

And then, a few hours later!

I absolutely LOVED how my hair and makeup came out and I'll be honest,  my hair wasn't styled yet (I went first for makeup and last for hair) and all I saw was the pink glitter on my top lid and the aqua liner on my lower lid and I thought to myself, is this a mistake? I'm glad I stuck it out because the final look was amazing. I was fully the showgirl bride Barbie that I wanted to be, haha!
My biggest concern was that I did not want to look like any other bride, I did not want the traditional "natural" lovely, elegant bride. I've never been and never will be a cookie cutter. I didn't want my pictures to look like everyone else's. I wanted to be a different bride and stand out and that's what I wanted my whole entire wedding to convey. 

Both my hair and makeup team definitely helped me to achieve that and I am so happy everything came together so well and beautiful. And my bridal party looked exquisite too, let's not forget to mention how on point they looked!

In the end, my hair looked beautifully storybook and magical and at the end of the night in my second dress, it was even more perfect since it added to that fairytale mermaid look with the ombre tips. As cheesy as it sounds, if I were to do this all over again, I would pick Jessica to do my hair every time! They are truly fantastic girls, so easy to work with, and the convenience of them coming to you was icing on the cake. You just get to sit there, relax and watch them work their magic.