Entering our 2015 Season and 3rd year!

It is absolutely amazing to see how far this company has grown. I am beyond grateful and feel incredibly blessed. There have been bumps along the way...okay not really bumps more like mountains, but this company has overcome and I have overcome these challenges. I didn't know what it would be like to own a business, to share so much of who I am with not only my clients, but my employees. Ive lost and I have gained, but through the process, which at times became extremely emotional, I have remained true to the one thing that brought me here. I love to make brides feel beautiful! I love to see their face when I put on the veil. I love to see their loved ones tear up at the sight of the transformation into...the bride. It is so extremely rewarding. And I put so much of myself into this. It is such a huge part of my life. This new season I was shocked to see Bridal Rush receive 3 times the amount of inquiries that we did last season. And I thought we were busy then! So many wonderful people are reaching out, sharing about our company, learning about our business, booking our services! And all I keep thinking is...WOW! People are starting to really know who we are! It's amazing. I don't want to fade into the grey area of most wedding vendors, especially hairstylists that happen to do weddings, but do not have the experience or talent that I feel is backed by my brand. I want people to know we are different and that is my goal for 2015. To make Bridal Rush set apart from the rest. I always have so many ideas. Some of them come to life...most unfortunately get lost on my desk in the piles of little notes I have, but all with the same endeavor, to always keep growing. I love the girls I work with. I love the people that have helped me bring this dream to life. And I genuinely want good things for all of us! I don't see my peers as competition, I see other businesses like mine as my motivation to keep pressing forward. If I can inspire anyone to challenge themselves, to go after what they love, to find their standard of success...then owning this business is way more than what I ever thought it could be.

-Jessica, Owner of Bridal Rush xo