Kind words can mean so much...

There are moments while juggling being a wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend and a business owner when things can truly get crazy. Every day I try my best to give each area of my life the most that I can. Trying to keep on top of my work and taking care of my home and family is a huge responsibility. There are days when I feel on top of the world! But of course there are those days when I feel like I am NOT doing my best in those areas and when the people in the world that want to see you fail...somehow creep their way in and of course it absolutely always happens at the same time the laundry has piled up, I look like I need a vacation and I am exhausted and feeling like I am losing my momentum. BUT THEN...I receive the kind words from the people that allow me to live out one of my dreams and have the career and business I always wanted since I was a young girl! Those words keep me going. They lift me up! Not only do they encourage me to continue to ignore the haters, but to also give myself a break...knowing I am far from perfect and sometimes its impossible to stay on top of everything!!!... it drives me to want to be better! And they give all my future brides the confidence to book their hair trials and see what we are all about!  I started doing weddings when I was 15 with my mom! She taught me everything I know! And 15 years later I am doing what I love! I love to make brides feel beautiful on one of the most important days of their lives! I love being a part of the moments leading up to this special day and seeing the excitement surrounding them and their loved ones. I always want to make them happy and I truly try my very best every time to give them the hairstyle that makes them feel amazing! I never get bored of doing weddings and I look forward to seeing my company grow and meeting many more amazing women! This has been an incredible experience in my life to own Bridal Rush and I am so thankful for the people that believe in me, support me and love my work! 

Melissa wrote you a Review (5.0/5.0): - 07/30

"There needs to be a sixth star for Bridal Rush! Bridal Rush provided hair services for my wedding. From the start, Jessica was a true professional - she was easy to work with, easy to contact and her policies were clearly defined. She also happens to be a very sweet and caring person and that shows through in her work - she really wants to make everyone happy with their hairstyle! Jessica has a true gift for designing intricate and sophisticated hairstyles that are unique. Her designs are classy and unlike typical wedding hairstyles. Both my Mom and I had hair trials with Jessica before the wedding and she listened to what we liked, and worked to create styles that would work with our hair. Jessica really impressed me by doing another hair trial for my Mom when the style my Mom originally wanted didn't work out with her hair. On the wedding day, Jessica and Raisa arrived on time and worked diligently to get through 9 women and 2 children. They were professional, efficient and both impressed and pleased 9 different women. Everyone in my bridal party LOVED their hair. Jessica stayed on with me through my wedding ceremony and helped me put in and take out my veil. All of the hair that Bridal Rush styled lasted until 3AM. It was simply amazing - we had beautiful and glamorous hair that lasted all night long! Bridal Rush exceeded my expectations and made everyone happy on my wedding day. We received so many compliments on our hairstyles! I recommend them to anyone looking for unique special occasion hairstyles and would definitely use them again!"