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our featured bride, Lauren.

Jessica CiofroneComment

I met Lauren a few years ago when we were introduced through a mutual friend. I started doing her haircuts and color at my salon. Right away you can't help but just love her. She's so beautiful and so put together she looks like she stepped out of a magazine for J.Crew. But more than all of that Lauren is just a sweetheart and so genuine. We have had many great conversations. 

When Lauren got engaged she definitely made me feel like the best bridal stylist around. It was her blatant confidence in me and my work that I so appreciated. I did go to Lauren's wedding and I was so touched by her and her now husbands genuine love. The confidence they have in one another was incredible. And the love around them from their families was so beautiful. It took me a few days to understand why I was so emotionally moved at her wedding however the more I thought about it I realized it was her story.

Lauren has an incredible love for Paul's daughter, a beautiful little blue eyed doll. She is so precious. Lauren is an incredible, A+, not even normal, amazing step-mom. Their little girl was at the wedding that night and I watched how the 3 of them danced and just cherished the moment together.  I have provided hair services for hundreds of brides over the years. Many times I hear stories of the details of wedding planning and such. And in photos you notice all those details and how it all comes together. When you see Lauren's photos you see family, you see a very strong bond. Every detail of her wedding was beautiful but what really stood out to me was their love and their story. And truly that is the most important thing. As a guest at a wedding, the greatest thing you should take away from the day is how incredible the relationship is. For Lauren and Paul this seemed effortless and so natural. Nothing else mattered, and it shouldn't. What also stood out to me was how loved Lauren was by her dad. It was just heart warming to see his sincerity and to see how close they are. 

 From now on I will always encourage brides to focus on the moment and not the details and to focus on the marriage and not the opinions. When you plan your wedding day I just want to encourage you to let your love be the greatest detail to put on display and let the memories you take from that day be the priority. I don't know how Lauren pulled off planning such a beautiful wedding all while staying so focussed on what is really important, but she did. I left that night dreaming of the day that my daughters would each get married and just praying they would have that perfect wedding night as well. I think it helps when you have an amazing friendship with the person you are marrying because it helps to keep the wedding unique to the couple and more traditional. How amazing is it that you have the opportunity to write your own story? It is really special when that story starts off fun, happy, exciting and not stressed, pressured, or tainted with expectations.  When you look back on your day you may need a photo to remember the flowers and decor. When you look back you may need the video to remember every guest and what songs were played. But the one thing you will never have to look back on is how the day felt. That you will always take with you. So make sure to live in the moment. When you dance with your partner and in Lauren and Paul's case....even a dance as a little family...remember to not worry about anyone or anything around you. Treasure the moment and make it your own.