a fresh start

I think one of the most beautiful things about life is that every single day brings with it the opportunity for change, the grace to start over and the chance to re-invent. 

This photo...Just a couple of days after I found out I was having my second baby!!! I was chatting with these awesome bridesmaids about fun ways to break the news to my husband :)

This photo...Just a couple of days after I found out I was having my second baby!!! I was chatting with these awesome bridesmaids about fun ways to break the news to my husband :)

When you are living a full life, you can lose yourself a bit in everything around you. Sometimes it's hard to prioritize. And if you have children, then you understand the struggle to choose between putting them first or your partner! The struggle is real! And those poor lovers...how often do they get brushed aside? My husband is so patient with me and I am so grateful that he can live with my constant battle of keeping him a top priority, especially when I struggle with making myself one. 

 My mind is always buzzing with a new idea; every day for the last few years, my days are always so full. It's so easy to lose ourselves when we are so pre-occupied with planning ahead. How true is that quote, "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans"? One of the things I miss most is writing and I used to write all the time. When I was a kid, writing was such an outlet for me; I would journal, write poems and letters all the time. When I was dating my husband (as if we didn't spend enough time together), we would send emails to one another. It was exciting at the time because we were still getting to know each other. With each letter, I would learn about who he was and his feelings for me...I couldn't wait for him to respond to my letters!

 There hasn't been a whole lot of time for myself nor my husband to have hobbies or entertain leisurely activities. But I think embracing the moment is really key in finding that coveted time! There is so much I want to share from my experiences in both my personal life and my business life. I have been so hesitant to open up and write more because of the anticipation of how it would be received. I have been so inspired by other women. My career has given me a platform to share my life with the wonderful clients I meet all throughout the year.  I want to embrace that more. We need to be who we are now. There is no better time. I don't want my girls to be grown and then say, "I always intended on showing you more of who I am, but I was so caught up in building this life I could never find the time". We cannot place our value in our careers or measure our success on a monetary level. Time is for certain the one thing we cannot take back. Time is what we have with our loved ones. Time is what we have to live out this life to its fullest while embracing who we are completely; too often we take that for granted. I am not sure what changed in me or why it was so sudden, but I have been taking steps to make changes in my life and I am ready to finally share that...with whoever cares to read about it. I like to write; I am excited about growth in my personal life and in my career. And I guess I figured, what am I really waiting for? I want to share about being a wife, a working mom, about my creative outlets, my passions and goals. I would like to share about my mistakes, what I have learned from them and about what and who are the priorities in my life now. Maybe this will just be my little writing outlet or maybe I can inspire someone else the way so many have inspired me. 

Thanks for reading and can't wait to share more....  -J

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