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cheers to a New Year!

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I started writing this mid-December with plans of posting my last blog for the year. As life often has its way with me, my hectic schedule won and my blog post fell to the back burner. I still intend to include what I originally wrote into this post, but instead of ending 2016 with some words, I will start 2017 with some good memories!  I always end my year focusing on a new beginning. The last few years have ended with such big promises, my engagement and marriage, the beginning of my career, two new babies, a new home, a new salon... this year is the first year that all I did was celebrate what is. I then realized that although the New Year always brings change, we are really just building on the blessings, what a very comforting feeling that is. So I didn't make a resolution this year, I am just going to keep on keeping on and see what comes of that. Instead of making promises to myself, and most likely not keeping them, I think I will just enjoy what is promised to me. We all have a purpose and a plan for our lives, so at some point I think its okay to let go a little and just let it be. I do plan to write more about things I am doing at home with my girls, and some plans for the year ahead with work, but for now I think it is only right I share about one of my favorite brides from 2016. 

... from December 19th, 2016... To paint the picture, I am sitting in the passenger seat, two kids in the back, husband next to me, trunk loaded with bags while driving home from our annual family trip to Saratoga Springs. We had a flawless trip (until Peter got pulled over by a state trooper), and the girls were incredible! I am pretty sure God bestowed this mini-miracle upon me so that I could prepare for the next couple weeks. In what will feel like a blink we will be hosting Christmas and celebrating Vivian's first birthday on New Years Eve! Hours in the car with quiet kids gave me a ton of time to write my endless to do lists. This ride really was relaxing, normally I am climbing to the back seat every 10-15 minutes, but I really was able to enjoy the scenery and reflect back a little on such a great year. I wish I could highlight all of the best moments, but the greatest feeling to come from it all is peace. It is not usual that my personal life, and my career are both on a steady path at once, I am excited for 2017! Although I am apprehensive to see a really good year fall behind me, I am really ready for the change that will come in the months ahead.

I received some beautiful photos from one of my 2016 brides last week, her photographer was Gina Esposito, Gina is very talented and I found myself looking back at these photos not only because of Gina’s talent, but also because our bride Alyssa looks so happy. In the short amount of time that I spent with Alyssa, I can tell you that from her initial inquiry, up until our most recent correspondence, she was always a pleasure. Alyssa knew what she wanted and was still so open to allowing me to be creative. I knew she understood me when I explained our plan for her wedding day and she was truly excited. When I received Alyssa's review, I appreciated it so much. It isn't always easy to create the wedding day hairstyle at the trial, there are times when the style will look fuller, or more intricate with extensions, and we don't know what the end result will be until after the look is complete. There are also times we need to prep the hair differently to have it fall into place the right way.  I often will explain to my brides that we are together to come up with a plan as to how we will achieve the look they envision. Sometimes it is hard to trust the artist, but I am lucky so many of my brides trust me from the beginning. Below I will include what Alyssa had to say about her experience with myself, and my company Bridal Rush. There are a lot of things that she says that I appreciate so very much, but what I appreciated reading the most was that she felt that I listened to her, and that she trusted me to create something so uniquely special for her. Everything I learn about my clients and about their hair at the trial helps me to determine how I will go about designing the look they want. Although I know Bridal Rush may not be the perfect fit for everyone, I am so happy we have made so many women feel beautiful on their wedding day. I hope you enjoy Alyssa's photos as much as I did, she was stunning, and I am listening! I am doing everything I can to build this business to be so accommodating and offer so much to our wonderful clients. I am looking forward to meeting so many new and wonderful ladies this wedding season, thank you for your kind reviews, and thank you for sharing your professional photos so that I may see how amazing and special your day was!


Cheers to a New Year!