Jessica CiofroneComment

When a beautiful bride sings our praises...

Jessica CiofroneComment
When a beautiful bride sings our praises...

Hello Jessica!


        I hope you are doing well. We are finally settling down from our wedding day in November, moving into the new house, and the holidays. I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your girls for your services. You and your team were absolutely amazing and I truly appreciate how beautiful you made me look and feel! I felt like a princess on my special day! Here are some pictures that show the beauty and flawlessness of my hair! By the way my hair did not move all day and night and I got endless amounts of compliments. It looked just as beautiful after I danced all night then when you first did it. You are the best! I will be writing wonderful reviews about you and your company as well as recommending you to other brides :)


Samantha R

The morning of Samantha's wedding was flawless. I pulled up to her beautiful home, that she and her soon to be hubby had just purchased, to meet Ginamarie and Nikki to provide hair services. When I walked in, tables and chairs were all set up and ready for us to work. You can tell that Samantha did not miss a detail when planning, everything was so thought out and so organized, love that! It is also exciting to work with Christy Ann Cosmetics. If you haven't viewed a close up of Samantha's makeup, you need to get on Instagram and check it out! Gorgeous!! We always love meeting our sister company on jobs. Sometimes work does not feel like work when you are amongst friends. The atmosphere was so relaxed and we were in the presence of such a great group of ladies, you could just feel the positive energy. Samantha shared with us her perspective on the morning.

"From the second Jessica and her stylists entered my house on my wedding day they were an absolute pleasure and had smiles on their faces until the second they left my house. Their attitude instantly put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and relaxed, which I so desperately needed. Jessica as well as her other wonderful stylists made sure that everyone was getting the exact look that they wanted. They took their time speaking to us to ensure our happiness and satisfaction with our hairstyles. Throughout the entire process Jessica showed me my hair, here and there, to make sure there was nothing I wanted to change. Even though I have never before trusted anyone to style my hair, I trusted Jessica on one of the most important days of my life!"


I had this vision for Samantha's hair, and I wanted to make sure that we were on the same page. I really took my time with setting her hair, because I knew she was incorporating extensions and she wanted to leave her hair down. Her hair had to last through photos, and the long hours of the day. I also had to keep in mind that we were working with flexible, light hold sprays and little product. Samantha had not booked a touch up service with us, so I definitely wanted her hair to be set throughout her makeup application. I loved that Samantha knew exactly what she wanted, and she was very good at communicating. It really helps me to understand my clients vision, and what they feel comfortable with. It takes the guess work out for me. I loved how sure she was when we took down her set and completed her style. She knew this was it!

"When my hair was finished and I looked into the mirror I was absolutely blown away. It was perfect and everything I have ever dreamed of and more. Something I stressed over for two and a half years was instantly gone because she made me look and feel like a princess. She also blended my extensions so seamlessly into my hair that no one could tell I was even wearing them. Jessica did not leave my house until I was 100% happy with my hair and was ready to marry the love of my life. Not only was my hair so beautiful I could have been in a wedding magazine, but it actually stayed just as beautiful all night long even after dancing the night away. More often than not, my hair falls pretty quickly and it is hard to keep a curl for more than a couple of hours let alone for twelve hours. On a side note, she didn't put that much hair spray in either (because I asked her not to). I expressed to her that I like the more natural looking curls not such tight, stiff, and overly sprayed curls. Everything that came out of my mouth, no matter how crazy, she listened to and delivered a look that was unique to me and everything I envisioned to look like on my special day."


I think every single girl in Samantha's bridal party looked so beautiful. What I loved most was that each girl was so down to earth and sweet. We want all of our clients to be happy, and the bridal party needs to feel awesome about how they look too! It helps us do our jobs better when we enjoy the atmosphere, and people we are working with. I know that each of us sees ourselves different than how others see us. I try my hardest to really listen, and I teach my team to do the same. It is especially important to learn how my brides see themselves, and what will bring out the best in them and make them feel absolutely beautiful! When we leave I always wonder how things are going. This is why follow ups with my brides after the wedding mean so much to me. I love the feedback and seeing the photos is the best feeling. Often we leave before the bride is dressed, and we don't get to see everything come together. I am so thankful for the kind words that Samantha left for us, I always say its reading things like her email that drives me to keep growing and bettering our company. I think it was also fun to see her perspective on the morning of her wedding with Bridal Rush! Thank you Samantha, I can't believe how many wonderful things you had to say about our company!


"I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I cannot think of enough incredible things to say about Jessica and her company, Bridal Rush. Among all of the reasons to be stressed when planning a wedding, my hair was on the top of my list. Every one who knows me knows that I have been dreaming about my wedding day ever since I was a little girl, so you can imagine I had a clear picture of what I wanted and how I wanted to look on my wedding day. I have also only gotten my hair done professionally a handful of times in my life, and never truly loved it. I always felt as though I liked it better when I did my own hair for certain occasions and events. I am very picky with my hair and makeup, so I was nervous to say the least. So nervous my mom even joked with me saying I should probably do my own hair because then I won't be disappointed. Even with all of my nerves building up I knew right when I met Jessica, at my trial, that her and her company was the right choice for me. From the very beginning she reassured me that she would make me look beautiful and I put all of my trust into her. That was one of the best decisions I could have made. The stylists at Bridal Rush are an extremely talented, hard-working, friendly, artistic, and professional group of women. Their love and passion for what they do shines brightly through their beautiful work and how they treat their clients. Not only is Jessica extremely talented at what she does but she is a sweetheart and puts her all into her work and business. She makes her clients her number one priority and makes them feel so very special. If you are a bride reading this and have some of the same thoughts I did, or are just simply looking for the most talented wedding hairstylists in the business, please use Bridal Rush. I promise you will NOT be disappointed! They are truly the best!!"