A vision becoming reality

I am welcoming 2018 with arms wide open! I am full of so much excitement for the months ahead, I can hardly contain myself! I have mulled over all my thoughts for months now. How would I like to proceed with my career? How do I feel about my career? To begin, please allow me to briefly preface before I get into it.

In 2012 my husband Peter and I had our first baby girl. It was then that I had this overwhelming need to be home more with her and my job at the time would not be flexible with my hours. Ironically and long story short, that drove me to start my first business, Bridal Rush. In retrospect, I winded up working more than ever. I am glad I was home with her a lot that first 6 months to a year while I was learning what it would take to own and grow a business. In the past 5 years I have put in countless hours of work, 7 days a week and all nighters when necessary. I did this all while moving 4 times, Illness, opening a second business, and Peter and I welcoming our second daughter. Let's just say when you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to make it a reality.

My team and I completed our most successful season at Bridal Rush. I am so thankful to have such wonderful people working for me/with me. However, I was feeling burnt. The people closest to me kept saying they didn't know how I was doing it all. It got to the point where I didn't know either. I started to feel like I had completely lost myself while I was chasing this dream. It is hard to put 100% into everything. If I wanted to give my husband and children my all while I was not working, then it was me who took the hit. Isn't that how it is for most of us working moms? I prayed about my career. I had to stop and ask God if this was what he wanted me to do. Should I keep 2 businesses? Should I sell one? Should I work at all? I just couldn't hear him answer. I decided to just keep doing what felt right until I saw clearly what I needed to do. And this is when I felt that move on my heart. 

My vision for Bridal Rush became what it is, strictly out of passion. I LOVE BRIDAL RUSH! I love everything about this company and all it encompasses. My second business is Bounce Blow Dry Bar & Salon, formally known as North & Rose Salon. I never thought I would own a salon on my own. I always thought it would be a partnership with my mom. But over a year ago it was evident that we would have to allow for a sole ownership. My mom was ready to hand over the reigns. I still remember when I made that decision with her to buy her out. I had to have my accountant give me the push. He said, "you can do this Jessie, you got this kid. It will all work out". I just said, " I'll give it a year".  I made that decision blindly and completely trusting in the Lord. Bridal Rush had to carry that business for a while. But, in time, I saw the answers I was waiting for. The right people started to come into my life. People were supporting and believing in my vision for the space and the company. I learned to love it and feel excited about it again. There was growth. Enough for me to take a step back, and breathe. 

It is still weird to have real days off! I had gotten so used to work, work, work. Its nice to dial it back and take some time for myself. However if more than a few hours goes by without my phone ringing, I get nervous! I am still used to my phone constantly going off.  It is really nice to allow other people to help me run these companies. In these moments of peace, playing or cuddling my babes I felt that tugging on my heart again. Same tugging that birthed my first and second businesses. 

When I was 13 a pastor spoke to me randomly, and without knowing who I was. One day I may share that moment. But for now, lets just say I think I am starting to know what that conversation meant, even though at the time that conversation left me so confused. 2018 marks for me a huge milestone. I have 2 businesses off the ground. I believe the success of anything is partial to the perspective, but I do feel more content than ever before.  I am taking a detour on this journey of mine, to focus more on me. I want to connect with other women. Specifically other working moms. I want to hear their stories of business struggles and victories. I want to share what works for me and learn new things to help my own balancing act. I even want to make some videos! Yes! My heart is racing just at the thought, but I know I am getting the courage to do it. I want to share behind the scenes of my work, I want you to meet the amazing women I work with and see what they are doing! I plan to throw in a couple personal moments too, so you can understand my life at home and how I get through the day to day! More than anything, I want to share how I know with all of my heart that only by the grace of God am I where I am today. And my husband stepping up and doing more for our family than any other father I know. I am beyond grateful. When you have been blessed after years of struggles and hardships like mine, you know it's not just luck. 

I will leave off with the first step I took in this new direction. Not too long ago I reached out to a wonderful Photographer. I asked her if she would come to my home early in the morning, after my husband left for work and take some photos of me with my daughters when we first woke. I wanted us in our regular PJ's, no makeup, no hair styling. No prep work! In the last few years, having such a busy schedule, the one thing I always come back to are the little moments I had with them at home. They mean everything to me. Instead of a fancy, planned photo shoot, I wanted reality. This was a gift to myself, one I recommend all moms to do! Whatever it is that you treasure with your family, capture it now. Because these moments are fleeting and yet the most precious. This was one of the best things I have ever done for myself as a mother.

I am new to blogging, new to owning a business, new to all of this. I have received questions over the years relating to business and my home life. If you are reading this and have any feedback, topics or questions, I would love to know! Please reach out to me. For now I will leave you with a few of these gems. Happy New Year everyone!


Photographer: Courtney Roberts Photography